Monday, February 24, 2014

Pictures Galor

Scoob is always looking for a photo-op!

Scary or expressive, she's ours!

Because I couldn't decide on which to get all the pictures of her first pony.

 She woke up teething and fell asleep in my arms...
let me tell you I treasured that 45 minutes with her...
and napped also!

Fearless does it again!
She picked up the centipede before either brother!

Beautiful girl!

Heard by my ears

Polar bean: "It's either a caterpillar, a centipede, or something."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Heard by my ears

Little man: "I have a he pig. He's my baby."

Me: "What did you name your little boy?"

Little man: "His name is Sally."

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day began with lots of pajamas and playing.

Little Man loved playing under the chair with his fire station.

His little sister wanted to be a part of the secret hideout.

They tried to play together but it's just so tough in such a tight space.

Little Man smelled chocolate so he was a big help in the kitchen.

that our friend and wedding photographer's 
super skilled wife perfected. 

I found Scoob tasting peanut butter,
but then she quickly found the sugar granules
and thought they were tastier.

Don't you wish you were young enough to do that???

Unashamed repetitive tasting.

We had leftover pie crust so I made an original, thrown together peanut butter filling.

I call in poor man's peanut butter pie. 

After the kids' dinner, we played uno
and the youngest crawled up into the biggest's lap.


Hubs and I have wanted to have a cheese and wine night.
Not included in the picture was dates, dried figs, cashews, almonds & pistachios.
We sipped a good red wine and a white one as well.
Red is nearly always my favorite.

Earlier in the day, Polar Bean was able to fulfill his dream of kayaking with Daddy.

It was a belated birthday present and from the looks and sounds of it,
they had fun!

Otter hanging out.

Polar Bean looking way too grown up.

He even was able to pull the kayak on shore by himself.

Love these guys!

The grand finale was hubs' awesome poem he wrote 
along with the kids' interpretations and hugs and kisses.

We had a great Valentine's Day!
It was wonderful to spend in together instead of an ocean apart.