Friday, August 30, 2013

Heard by my ears

Polar Bean:

"I want a fried egg sandwich without the egg."

Missy: "I won't oshiko in my bed every night because sometime I'll go to heaven!"

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blessings in my Life

 Missy who loves most foods and delights in eating slowly!

She devoured spoonfuls of almond butter for snack today. 

(I did give her apple slices too, she saved the almond butter to be finished as a finale!)

 Scoob who eats lunch like a champ and her little pink bow that just makes me grin!

Teething gel for the not-so-great moments. 

Flowers, either purchased or picked. 

 Dresses with pockets.

These toenails that we lovingly call daggars. 

It's a blessing to snip the toenails off this stinky foot. 

Running socks that have clearly been loved and appreciated.

More blessings:

Roast chicken for dinner

A husband who eagerly watches the kids so I can go on long runs

Snuggly babies after naptime

Pockets of time to sneak away and pray

Thankful for my courageous dad and his birthday!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A little of this and that

I am happy to report Missy is doing swell!

(Pun Intended)

Her swelling has gone done a lot more!

This picture above was taken yesterday.

Today you can't even tell that she had swelling. 

Bee, bee, go away!

It must be bee season here. There are tons everywhere.

Since Missy's incident, we are all on the high alert. 

Tried to pick up my bike from a friend 
but the rack had fallen since my husband had put it on.

Thankfully with a little pulling here, a tugging here, and praying all along the way,
we got the bike home without any accidents!

Scoob had the privilege (or disadvantage depending on how you view it)
to have a bath all by herself yesterday. 

She loves splashing in water and she seemed to like the extra space sans other siblings.

She also didn't have to share bath toys and that made her pretty happy!

One of Scoob's favorite activities is to go through
Little Man's clothing drawer.

If we're upstairs and it's quiet,
I know where to look for Scoob!

We've started homeschooling!

Polar Bean is doing great! His favorite subject is math
because he can build with the blocks.

Our pack 'n play will never be the same...
Scoob has widened the hole and then I found on another side,
that an even larger hole has appeared.

Something's wrong with the picture, huh?

The big kids are the ones in the playpen 
and Scoob is the one peering in from the outside!

This kid is pretty happy! He was offered gum 
at the health food store and Mama let him have it.

Such a trooper, he chewed it for a couple hours while we ran errands.

Missy asked for her picture to be taken as well. 
With her gum.
And the express mail sticker.
Thank you USPS! 
It certainly was more enjoyable to go to the post office and get a special sticker!

All the kids wore them the entire day.

We stopped by the party store which was the first time my kids have ever been in one.

The balloon wall captured their attention for the longest time!

And we found silly masks.

In the kids' corner, we have set up a music station for Missy's cd player.

The kids have camped out there most of the day!

Setting the Table, Chewing Gum and Helping Little Sister

Monday, August 26, 2013

Another visit

Missy woke up swollen and her eye barely able to open.

The bee that stung on Saturday left his venom and so we rushed to the pharmacy and picked up benedryl. 

And it's slowly working.

We've also done some peekaboo!

And so silly faces on the glass wall.

We've played with the toys.

Wanted to take naps...

And snack time!

And now it's lady and the tramp during snack time while we wait for our car battery to be changed. Almost 3 hour mark at the dealership...

It's always something right? 

Blessings in my life:

My 4 kids

Waking up next to my husband

Living where we do

Friends near and far

Cheerios that tide kids over until we can find a more suitable lunch

Watching a pre-1 year old walk

Kind employees who run to the next building in order to change out the kids' video (4 different times!). They could run a movie theater!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bows, parks & friends

I've learned my daughters have totally different kind of hair. Earth-shattering news aye?

A sweet friend directed me on how to fix white girl hair. And these new clips are a great addition! Bye bye bangs in the eyes!

We were at the park playing with friends yesterday and Scoob tried to tackle a kid double her weight. The moms broke it up before we could learn the victor.

Unfortunately Missy was stung by a bee. And today we're seeing the swelling effects. Thankfully after the sting wore off, she's oblivious to it.

One good distraction was playing with mama's scarf. 

She wore it for the rest of the afternoon.

And was a super big sister!

The girls cherish their moments together.

Scoob was determined to turn around and chat with Missy.

And she loved every minute of it!

Crate Complete

Scoob has scaled our bedside crate!

And I think she's wondering what I'm going to do with her...

So she laughs at my indecisiveness.

Then I sit her up and she realizes she's stuck up there and mama has the camera.

The lighting was too good to pass up.

Hopefully I can edit them at some point!

And now I've found a fun little photo prop! Maybe next time I can entice the older three to join her :)