Monday, July 28, 2014

Heard by my ears

Little man leans in with a pucker...

Mama: "You may kiss me on my cheeks."
Little man: "I want to kiss your lips."
Mama: "No, the lips are for daddy. Your lips are for your wife."
Little man: "My lips are for you."

Heard by my ears

D girl when asked if she wanted to play Snow White: "We don't have enough trolls."

She must be listening to Lord of the Rings. 

Trolls=dwarfs in her mind!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why are we loved?

"We are loved because we are his children, because we are. If we feel that we ought to be loved because it is our due, or because we deserve it, the less we will truly feel the need of God's love; the less implicit will be out trust; the less we cry out, "Abba!"

Madeleine L'Engle 

Striped Brothers

  The boys opted to wear matching shirts to church.

Brothers are born for adversary. 
And laughs.
And friendship.

D Girl's Birthday Yogurt

We will have celebrated D's birthday 3 times within a month.
So for her actual birthDAY, we celebrated by going out to a local frozen yogurt shop.

 All the kids enjoyed the treat!

Our girls

 From dancing to decorating, our girls have become BFFs.

 Styling hair every day is now the norm.

 And sharing moments together even at the doctor's is always a must!

The babies


There was one day last week where the Littles were in true form!

 Scoob found the hand drying machine to be great for hair drying.

 And got home to promptly fall asleep in the most beautiful way.

 Fingers in the mouth as she sleeps means we never cut those fingernails.
Babies don't keep but I'll enjoy them while I've got them.
 Later on the kids had to wait for routine check-ups.
 The babies became dancing fools and stomped around the porch.
 Look out! Little Man is break dancing!
Stay little for a little while longer my babies!

Heard by my ears

From the other room: 

Little man's response to a request from a sibling: "Not by the hair of my chubby chin chin!"

Later on 

Little man: "This is how you do a belly flop!"

And I assume he is flopping on my bed.