Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just another day in a beautiful place

Today we visited a nearby beach. 

The day was just too beautiful to not pass up. 

I still pinch myself that we are blessed to live here.

I love the beach because the kids are allowed to be kids.

Jumping off of logs. throwing sand, yelling and screaming,
running from the waves like a mad person!

I also love that the lighting and scenery is usually lovely
so I whip out my phone to take a few shots.

Everyone finds something to do and I just drink in God's creation.

And kiss this little cutie.

Little Man was determined to be the big brother.

He helped Scoob up about 10 times.

What a boy, what a brother, what a friend!

Scoob was determined to not be left behind in any sort of fun activity.

The olders love to play in the surf.

And inevitably come home sopping wet!

And of course the kids are eager to head home once I dropped the hint that Papa Bear may be back from work.

Carving time

The munchkins before the carving.

Look out PB has a knife!

I think Missy's new nickname should be fearless! She was not afraid to get her hands dirty and help me clean out all the insides.

The biggest and littlest took a break to ride horses.


Blessings in my life

1. A good laugh at this girl's hairdo

2. Carving pumpkins with the kids 

3. My sister in law who compiled this.

4. Different textured blankets that are so cuddly at night. 

5. Finding art and design in every day life

6. Missy (aka Fearless's) genuine gorgeous smile and Little Man who keeps her laughing.

7. This chickadee who is determined to climb stairs with her blanky.

8. Laughs over Missy wearing Little Man's clothes after she fell into an impromptu muddy buddy.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

7 Things I've learned in October

1. How to take a panoramic shot with my iphone

This was one of my favorite moments I've had since moving out here.
The beach, sun, water and mountains were reflecting the glory of our Creator. 

2. While washing dishes, I glanced up where we have a map covering the massive mirror
(the owner installed it) and saw a group of islands called the Sandwich Islands.
I had never heard of these islands and they are located south of South America.

3.  I learned to not leave conditioner out where little hands can reach it.

 The middles knew better but opted for a very greasy play time.

4. My daughter is bravest with live animals.
Missy eagerly asked to hold the live snake!

5. I took off my otterbox iphone case and saw the back of my iphone is cracked. 
It still runs, so I am thankful for that.

6. I learned how to hem jeans.
Thanks Pinterest!

7. My sweet husband showed me how to enlarge pictures on my phone when they are sent over text.

It's the little things in life!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Heard by my ears

Me: "What's yellow and in the sky?"
Missy: "A giraffe?"
Me: ""
Missy: "A zebra?!"
Me: "It's really bright and God made it so we could have light in the day."
Missy: "THE SUN?!????"

Heard by my ears

Missy: "I wanted to go hiking."
Me: "We are hiking."
Missy: "I meant hiking on a boat."


Monday, October 28, 2013

Heard by my ears

Missy: "I know how to spell D."
Me: " Really? How?"
Missy: "D"

Our little adventures

 While Missy is in dance class, the other kids and I usually head to a park.

 We always need to burn off extra energy. 
This park has a neat table set up for matchbox race cars. 

We also visited our local outdoor shopping mall.

The kids don't mind shopping because we visit this pretty fountain.

All the kids are sporting their new hats.

 Little Man added a little attitude to his!

Sunday, October 27, 2013


This past weekend we went to a local museum that was having a trick or treat event.

There were games to play, crafts to make and live animals to touch!

Wendy is waiting to make her spider's web.

Peter Pan is focused on creative his masterpiece.

And Captain Hook's drying.

There were several snakes to touch and hold.

Our brave Wendy eagerly asked to hold the snake before either of the boys worked up their nerve.

Captain Hook became more confident and held one too!

But Peter Pan was never a huge fan.

Wendy even touched the tarantulas!

Our Tiger Lily, Pan, Wendy and Hook

Princess Tiger Lily was quite the squealer and had to bring her blanket everywhere.

Peter Pan was typical and anti- paparazzi.

Wendy & Hook were all about their costumes! (Except the 'stache disappeared with excuses that it was "itchy".)

We enjoyed dressing up!