Saturday, November 30, 2013

Kitchen captures

These two were giving each other lots of sugar.

Even with the poor lighting, it's sweet.

I think they are bonding over their love of footsie pajamas.

Scoob is going in for another one!

The olders didn't want to be outdone.

Mornings like this are good for the soul.

Gobble gobble

Pre-feast snack along with every small toy in the house.

Scoob's snack and new favorite toy, the percolator.

The youngest with her feast

Don't worry Scoob sat on my lap to stuff herself.

Afterwards Little Man found a new friend who was willing to selflessly read books to him and cuddle.

Forest exploration

We were able to grab time before the big football game to explore the local forest more.

It was a bit chilly so we dressed Scoob up like a pink bear using her big sister's former jacket.

Scoob found it more entertaining to stand in her backpack.

My multitaskers: Sword fighting and walking 

The older troops 

Scoob was given freedom at the end.

And she walked 10 feet before she opted for me to keep carrying her. Oh the life of a baby!


She was helping me get ready on the bathroom counter and I turn to find her in the sink.

Scoob was test-driving all the toothbrushes. 

The damage was already done so why not capture this moment.

And all the kids wanted to claim some fame too.

Beach Energy Burn Day

While Daddy studied, we headed to the beautiful beach and missed out on all Black Friday shopping!

We took advantage of online sales but also was able to enjoy the blue skies.

Burning kids' energy is constantly on the to-do list in our home.

And since coming here we've never had a bad beach day.

Missy was happy to pose which is always a treat!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Here's to the bright side

Motherhood can either be demanding, full of failures, excuses and the ever present feeling of lacking: lacking opportunities, lacking energy, lacking patience, lacking perfection.


Motherhood can be full of grace, full of celebration, full of praises over the triumphs and laughing at His goodness in filling up all our lackings. 

In the world's eyes, I am failing and lacking. But today I look on the bright side! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More of our recent life

I was so thankful to capture this. 

Missy is putting on Scoob's socks for her. 

I love these sisters!

Sunday was a bit chilly so we yanked out the hat for Scoob. 

I believe she thinks it a game. 

She did lots of that. 

Fearless wanted to fancy up her outfit so we pulled out a scarf.

And of course, Scoob had to have one as well. 

All 3 of us girls wore scarfs!

This series of pictures is not very good
but I had to show off Scoob's nice thighs.

Though it's gotten chilly outside, her rolls are still there.

And every time she runs around in a onesie I just delight in her chubs!

Here she is playing peekaboo with a wet and likely dirty rag.

An impromptu chase session occurred in our kitchen with the middles and Daddy. 

He's a fast, strong guy. 

And was able to thwart them well. 

But the proud always fall...

Especially when captured by such cuties!

These are the moments we'll treasure. 
Not the clean floors,
not the organized linen closet,
but the laughs, tackles,
questions and time.

Let them stay little for a bit longer!

Being silly and doing the typical chin in the extreme position smile.

Missy has been Scoob's favorite friend lately. 

Missy is Miss Animated especially when playing with Scoob. 

My arms had a break at the park today as 
Missy took on the responsibility to play underdog with Scoob. 

As any sensible, carefree, cheap mother would do, the kids like to head to Costco and eat all the samples as a free lunch. 

Even Scoob enjoys it!

Earlier this afternoon, Missy showed off her newly designed shirt..complete with 15+ stickers!
Doesn't she look like she's growing up?