Monday, January 6, 2014

Camping in January

This past weekend we took advantage of the last few days of the Christmas break. 

We went camping! 

Scoob had never gone camping before.

Little Man hasn't gone since he was about 6 months old. 

Even Fearless was a lot peppier this time around!

Our Taj Mahal.

Setting up the campsite and munching on pickles...apparently a classic camping food staple.

Scoob wanted to ensure her thighs got a good workout.
She maintained her fitness with lots of squats.

The Taj Mahal was put up by these handy men. 

Scoob was able to experience a ride in Little Man's carseat which she certainly enjoyed!

We did lots of sitting around the fire.

Roasting "smarshbellows"

Staying warm

And putting sticks in the fire...every kid's dream.

Scoob likes to shock and awe with her outfits.
She found some soccer rainboots that were given her
and she wouldn't take them off. 

Every kid picked out their favorite sticks. 

Polar Bean did a jig similar to the dance from 7 Brides for 7 brothers. 

Fearless looked cute the whole time!

We did some hiking and got to see some awesome landscapes. 
Of course, I forgot the camera for most of those. 
Still we have it in our memories!

Mama and Daddy had steaks. 

Fearless likes to wear her shoes oppositely. 

We are glad we went and we were glad to come home!

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