Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Punch Buggy, Vintage Pick-up, Race car & Old Big Blue

Today we went biking/running/exploring/living life with little ones.
Fearless explained to me how they were imagining their bikes were cars.
I remember playing that growing up as well.
My creative mind began conjuring up ideas of what each bike would be if it were a car.

Red Vintage Pick-Up

Little Man is the laid-back, enjoying the aesthetically pleasing
vintage red truck that may not be fast, but it sure does take in the scenery well.

He may try to out race others, but he's there for the grins and laughs.

Purple VW Bug

Fearless is anything but boring.
With her fantastic eye for colors that pop
and all things beautiful and girly,
she would definitely be found driving a punch buggy. 

She may have the speakers turned up
and may be talking to no one in particular,
but she'll be having a grand time!

You'll probably hear her before you see her,
which is actually a blessing because her voice is that beautiful!

Sporty Sportser

Polar Bean will certainly be leading the crowd 
with his zooming crazy maneuvers!

He loves to be fast and will make sure 
his sports car is speedy gonzalez!

Don't worry, he always plays it safe with a helmet.

The 'Burb

While it may not be the most fun vehicle around,
it sure can carry a lot and is safe on the roads.
Scoob is in all-terrain, heavy-cargo, mom-approved suburban.

Whether it's cruising at a regular running pace,
racing her older brother,
or watching Little Man meander nearby,
Scoob is sure to have a good time!

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