Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More of our recent life

I was so thankful to capture this. 

Missy is putting on Scoob's socks for her. 

I love these sisters!

Sunday was a bit chilly so we yanked out the hat for Scoob. 

I believe she thinks it a game. 

She did lots of that. 

Fearless wanted to fancy up her outfit so we pulled out a scarf.

And of course, Scoob had to have one as well. 

All 3 of us girls wore scarfs!

This series of pictures is not very good
but I had to show off Scoob's nice thighs.

Though it's gotten chilly outside, her rolls are still there.

And every time she runs around in a onesie I just delight in her chubs!

Here she is playing peekaboo with a wet and likely dirty rag.

An impromptu chase session occurred in our kitchen with the middles and Daddy. 

He's a fast, strong guy. 

And was able to thwart them well. 

But the proud always fall...

Especially when captured by such cuties!

These are the moments we'll treasure. 
Not the clean floors,
not the organized linen closet,
but the laughs, tackles,
questions and time.

Let them stay little for a bit longer!

Being silly and doing the typical chin in the extreme position smile.

Missy has been Scoob's favorite friend lately. 

Missy is Miss Animated especially when playing with Scoob. 

My arms had a break at the park today as 
Missy took on the responsibility to play underdog with Scoob. 

As any sensible, carefree, cheap mother would do, the kids like to head to Costco and eat all the samples as a free lunch. 

Even Scoob enjoys it!

Earlier this afternoon, Missy showed off her newly designed shirt..complete with 15+ stickers!
Doesn't she look like she's growing up? 

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