Saturday, November 2, 2013

Heard by my ears

Little Man: "Look! I got a yellow banana. I wonder if there's a monkey in it."

Later on

Little Man: "Nostrils sounds like rhinosaurus."

Later on...

Mama in the presence of Missy: "The kids are going to have hotdogs for dinner."

Missy: "Hotdogs?! For us???"

Me: "No, just mommy and daddy."

Missy: "Are you kidding?"

Me: "You don't like hotdogs."

Missy: "Really?? I don't like hotdogs?!"

Me: "Yes, do you know where hotdogs come from?"

Missy: "Um. No."

Me: "Pigs and you don't like pigs."

Missy: "Are you kidding?! I don't like pigs? I don't like hot dogs?!"

Me: "You don't like brownies, hotdogs or macaroni and cheese."

Missy: "What? Really? Are you kidding?"

And on it went until Papa Bear and I couldn't hold the laughter any more.

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