Thursday, October 31, 2013

Just another day in a beautiful place

Today we visited a nearby beach. 

The day was just too beautiful to not pass up. 

I still pinch myself that we are blessed to live here.

I love the beach because the kids are allowed to be kids.

Jumping off of logs. throwing sand, yelling and screaming,
running from the waves like a mad person!

I also love that the lighting and scenery is usually lovely
so I whip out my phone to take a few shots.

Everyone finds something to do and I just drink in God's creation.

And kiss this little cutie.

Little Man was determined to be the big brother.

He helped Scoob up about 10 times.

What a boy, what a brother, what a friend!

Scoob was determined to not be left behind in any sort of fun activity.

The olders love to play in the surf.

And inevitably come home sopping wet!

And of course the kids are eager to head home once I dropped the hint that Papa Bear may be back from work.

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  1. Ah, the beach....I can't wait to get to South Carolina! Thank you for reminding me that I had messed up my days this week, the link is now open :-)