Saturday, December 28, 2013

I wish you saw yourself as beautiful as I see you!

Taking a peek in Papa bear's school bag

Love the cloth diaper peekaboo

She doesn't really for those jammies.

Here's Fearless's bear who apparently needed her neck tightened.

The aches of teething are here.

This girl goes through moments like these while one of the last molars pops through.

No fun.

At least her sippy cup is a good teething devise!

Her eyes are turning hazel. Sorry Papa Bear.

The other day I glanced in the mirror and jumped. I had forgotten Little man wanted to store his blanket under my fleece.

Only this year have I enjoyed watching reruns of football games. Here's Papa Bear and I relaxing after the kids are asleep and watching a great ending to a fun game!

Little Man checking out a delivery truck.

The truck was suppose to deliver a massive mirror. They couldn't locate it so we wait another day for another big truck to arrive!

Polar Bean's ant farm is progressing. Tunnels are being made!

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