Monday, December 2, 2013

What I've Learned in November

1. After running my first half marathon a couple weeks ago,
it is confirmed that I am not competitive. Side note: It was interesting
to hear how many people asked what my time was rather than if I enjoyed it
or how long my training had been. I think fitness is very competitive in American culture.

2. Through our pastor's sermons, I am learning how to ask
the provoking, truly curious questions to my friends 
and REALLY listening to their answers and respond accordingly.


3. I learned how to create homemade chalk paint. Annie Sloan and other
chalk paint companies were at least an hour away so a friend was kind enough to explain:
2 Tbs water mixed with 4 Tbs plaster of paris + 2 C latex paint!

4. I learned how to memorize Scripture better. Have a Scripture memory accountability partner!
My sister and I are slowly working through Bible verses. 
And when I mean slow, I really do mean slow.

5. This morning I had the privilege of keeping 7 rowdy kids (6 years old and under) 
contained, entertained and unharmed for over an hour in a parking garage!
We were blessed with a little side area that we played Red light, green light. 
They consumed many snacks. 
And competed in the biggest jumps and skipping over lines on the ground.


6. Besides the handy computer pop up window that explains the printer is out of ink, I have learned
you can also print something and have it turn out just fine, but in the wrong colors.


7. I have learned a lot of different things from having my Bible reading time read to me 
via a free Bible app

8. I can still scream and scare my children over my enthusiasm
 after my college football team's incredible win.
War eagle!

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