Wednesday, July 24, 2013

An impromptu picnic date with Little Man

Eating lunch in the front seat of the car is a lot of fun, but the real draw is all the buttons and knobs to be pushed and explored. 

Mr. Multi-tasker eatin a cracker and trying to unlock the door.

After playing with friends at the park, the oldest two (Missy and Polar Bean) and the youngest (Scoob) fell asleep. They had all been complaining of being tired and needed a "pick me up" nap so Little Man and I enjoyed the front seat sights and consumed the leftover food while they finished their power naps.

Peeling mikans (the English term is clementine right?) bring back fond memories of my childhood. My palms of my hands and feet turned orange from eating so many.

I will treasure these memories also.

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