Monday, July 29, 2013


Scoob helped me water our wildflowers (or maybe they're weeds, we're not sure yet...)

Here in July the weather is not the humid, high temperatures found in the south. It is cloudy most mornings and usually the sun will make an appearance by the middle of the day.

Today was the same. When lunchtime came, the sun prompted us outside.

Polar Bean practiced walking on the brick wall.

Scoob acted playful and content in the sun with our makeshift watering jug.

And Missy basked in the sun and ate a thick turkey sandwich (made on good old homemade sourdough bread).

Scoob liked checking out the watering jug. I tried capturing Little Man but he kept on saying, "no, no!" I guess he's had enough of the paparazzi.

If only that watering jug was actually filled with water, Scoob would have quite the strong arm!


According to Daddy, Scoob took one step by herself today. I wasn't there to confirm but I guess I'll trust him :)

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