Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

 We started off our nation's Independence Day listening to America classics like Oklahoma!
Thanks Pandora! 
We quickly mixed up a batch of sourdough waffles from scratch and 
gobbled them down before jumping into the bling bling (our much loved van) 
and headed downtown.
 The previous night we strategized on where to park 
and everything went off smoothly!
We even were able to get a family picture before the parade began!
 Miss D girl was happy to have her hair in a bun
and I was happy that her outfit matched! 
It was a win-win!
 Nearing the end of the parade,
T man overcame is nervousness
and sat down in front of the crowds standing
to get a better glimpse of the marching parade.

 D boy had a prime seat! 
 Daddy and D boy spotted a helicopter and waved hello.
 A friendly family in front of us, offered for the kids to sit in front
on the pavement so they could see better.
Before T man found his courage, the 3 girls took advantage of 
the great seats!
 We saw police motorcycles! A sure hit for the boys!
 And D girl asked to hold MC. 
 Little munch was a squirmy one and tried to escape and join the parade.
Thankfully big sister knew how to keep firm arms around her.
MC was safe with D girl!
 We also saw a drill team perform. 
 And of course, many different kinds of fire trucks!
D boy was happy!

 After the parade, the city provided free face painting.
 All the boys got fireworks. 

 And mama got a patriotic butterfly.

 While T man climbed a tree he had spied.
Mama, MC, D girl and D boy found the firestation. 
 Check out how tall the tires are!
 These two keep us laughing!

Little MC perked up and started smiling for the camera. 

So we snapped a shot!

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