Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Visiting the Bird Man

So this is the bird man.

He has a cart that he pulls around with parrots on it. We've seen him at the 4th of July parade and around town. To us he's a walking monument and the kids all like to shout a greeting and wave to him whenever we see him on the streets.

D boy was a little nervous but with the help of Daddy, he mustered enough courage to at least get close to the parrot. Maybe he'll attempt to touch the parrot next week ;)

Today was a big day for T man. After a child-raising issue occurred last week, T man needed to correct last week's error by holding a parrot all by himself. He did great! And even gave the camera a winning smile! We're so proud of him!

Here he is holding a parrot named Seven. D girl held a female parrot whose name has slipped our minds. D boy and Daddy held Billy.

Another big accomplishment for T-man came when he was granted his desire to bike to the farmers market with Daddy. He and Daddy biked from our home to the farmers market successfully with no tumbles, bumps, crashes or such. 

And all is quiet in the bedroom so I do believe the biking tired him out too!

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