Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Happy Birthday D girl!

D girl and MC wore matching dresses for D girl's birthday. 

 Our table was lovingly decorated by D boy.

 Thanks to a Pinterest idea, we opted to 
have a few jars of mustaches, lips, eyeglasses and bowties. 

The four Fish & Flatbread kids

Bringing D girl with her eyes closed to her "4" cake

 Can you see C is preparing to sing Happy Birthday?

Happy girl after blowing out trick candles!

 Afterwards we found a blank wall and started a photo-booth crazy style. 
 It was fun seeing how the kids interpreted the props. 
 Thanks T man for our picture!
 Birthday girl and Daddy along with T man sneaking from behind.

The kids liked to collect as many props as possible 
and try to wear them at the same time. 
 Oh D girl!
 We like our glasses and duck faces. 

You may notice D boy is absent for the pictures.
For whatever reason, he did not like the props or the idea of getting a picture taken. 

 I chased him down and tried to get a shot.

 All to no avail. 

He really didn't want to try on a bowtie. 

 Orange and blue!

The boys. 

This is one of my favorites!

 Daddy tried to get D boy to join the fun. 

He wasn't having it!

I am not sure if D girl is tired out or just playing a part. 

Either way she liked her bowties in her hair!

That crazy daddy!

 Another classic shot we'll enjoy for years to come!

Mustache & Lips Shots

D girl had a lot of fun!

And I think her older brother did too!

At the end we did silly pictures sans props!

Happy Birthday D girl! You are a blessing to all of us!

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