Thursday, July 4, 2013

Visiting a Nearby State Beach

 This is a normal sunny day here :)
Rather misty isn't it?
 Friends recommended this state park that has a river 
next to the Pacific ocean. 
 It was a hit for us! 
The kids jumped and played in the sand.
 C and I enjoyed experiencing the vast differences in beaches compared to Florida.
 When you walked, you felt like you were in clouds.
It was cool and misty and reminded me of the atmosphere of the moors in Hound of the Baskervilles.
 The fog was dense enough that while you could hear the ocean waves crashing,
you had to be quite close to actually see them!
 When near the ocean, D boy is always sure to grab someone's hand.
He does not love waves. 
 See? It's sunny just the clouds are low.
 We saw a flock of geese moving towards the river.
 There was a warning about swimming, wading and even walking near the ocean 
as the waves are known to come up suddenly.
 MC could barely get out of my arms fast enough!
She loves sand and even likes the flavor & texture in her mouth apparently.
 The older kids on an adventure with Daddy.
 Wading into the chilly river water.
 The rocks looked smooth from afar but had rough patches on them.
We walked barefoot on the dry rocks and while I am thankful there was no seaweed, kelp or any other ocean materials, you had to take care to not cut your feet.

 D girl sang a tune while we traversed the running trail that ran near the beach.
 Brave children in goosebump-raising water.

 D boy's jump


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