Thursday, October 3, 2013

Our favorite river and beach

 The other day we went to one of our favorite rivers.

 Little Man was being rather courageous and waded into the water further than normal.

 Well you guessed it, he toppled.

In true lifeguard fashion, I dropped my purse and jumped in.

So here he is.

Dripping wet and determined to not get in the water ever again.

 Scoob found the sandy beach enjoyable even if she did need mama's shades.

Our friend A and I were quietly amazed at the beauty while the big kids ran in the surf.

 We are so blessed to live here!

 My first panoramic shot!

Inevitably the big kids went swimming.
In their clothes.
So typical.
Why don't I just keep their swimsuits in the car?!

Come visit us and we'll take you here!

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