Sunday, October 27, 2013


This past weekend we went to a local museum that was having a trick or treat event.

There were games to play, crafts to make and live animals to touch!

Wendy is waiting to make her spider's web.

Peter Pan is focused on creative his masterpiece.

And Captain Hook's drying.

There were several snakes to touch and hold.

Our brave Wendy eagerly asked to hold the snake before either of the boys worked up their nerve.

Captain Hook became more confident and held one too!

But Peter Pan was never a huge fan.

Wendy even touched the tarantulas!

Our Tiger Lily, Pan, Wendy and Hook

Princess Tiger Lily was quite the squealer and had to bring her blanket everywhere.

Peter Pan was typical and anti- paparazzi.

Wendy & Hook were all about their costumes! (Except the 'stache disappeared with excuses that it was "itchy".)

We enjoyed dressing up!

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