Thursday, October 17, 2013

Blessings in my life

1. I am thankful for the times I ask if I can throw or give any particular item away and the answer is yes!

2. Brothers who help each other out.

3. Missy who loves to touch sea anemones.

4. A closet that doesn't stay organized because of little busy hands.

5. Climbing rocks

6. I am thankful for closet doors that hide the messes!

7. Finding art and designs in every day life.

8. An imperfect house (like the screen that doesn't cover the window completely) that reminds me I am a work in progress as well.

9. I am thankful for a day where we didn't have the house until late afternoon and I was able to complete all the laundry and a light cleaning of the house!

10. A local friend who shows us the hidden natural treasures of the area!

11. Simple pleasures like sewing by hand

12. Live footage of lava from Aunt & Uncle J

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  1. Oh I love the screen door analogy!! I think you may need to help teach me to be thankful for those busy little hands ;-) Thank you for sharing your blessings, you do have wonderful ones!!

    1. I am learning to enjoy life where I am and with what I have.