Thursday, October 10, 2013

Blessings in My Life

1. Making homemade toothpaste with the babies

2. FINALLY getting the wax off the dining room table much better!

3. Running a Muddy Buddy with this good-looking guy

4. Mustache cakes and thinking ahead for Little Man's birthday

5. My bedside crate filled with the oddest collection of books 
and my habit of reading several books at one time.

Arabic language, toddler books, Bible study book and a prayer book.
The rest of the books I am reading are on my iphone!

6. Stick figures Polar Bean drew representing all our friends and family
...and then explaining to me that he forgot to give them hair.

7. Pasta.

8. Glow in the dark sticks and glow in the dark bath time for the kids.

9. Curious thoughts like "Do dragons eat raw garlic and that's how they can spit fire?"

10. Reliv Nutrition that helps the family stay healthy and energized for all God's purposes.

11. Finding forks stuck into chairs as a result of little boys' curiosities.

12. Crisp Fall mornings

13. Recognizing that I am turning into my mom. 
One example is rhyming words:
"sneaker beakers", "jammie bams"

14. After a concerning twist, Scoob's arm and shoulder is fine! 
Watching sleeping babies is soothing.


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