Tuesday, October 8, 2013

There's just so many pictures...

And I just feel like doing one post.

So here you are...tons of pictures with little explanations. 

*Heads up* 50+ pictures here we go....

 I am learning to become aware of Arabic in the local mom & pop grocery stores.

 For whatever reason, the kids opted to have silly face pictures taken.

 Polar Bean looks like a magician here.
 Blurry Little Man

 I love this girl and her pizzaz.
 Her brothers are a couple of my favorites too.
 When she is in the zone, she really is in it!

 Don't accuse me of dressing her in stripes, polkadots, cropped pants and socks.
She asked to wear them.

 Funny story, I sent this picture to my sister 
but I wasn't noticing what Little Man was holding.

My sister thought it was my way to announce 
there was another fish and flatbread baby on the way.

Nope. April Fools Aunt J...accidentally.
 Daddy was determined to scrape off ice that had grown around the freezer walls.
The kids were enthralled.
 Daddy was able to take part of Saturday off from studying
and joined us at the beach! FINALLY (his words), 
PB was able to visit the "island" in the middle of the river.
 There's just something about blue skies that I love.
 And there's something even better about seeing a Daddy hold his daughter's hand.
 Especially when they are teeny tiny.
 Missy was happy to be back in her swimsuit!
She hasn't been in one since our move almost 5 months ago.
 At this beach, we spotted a seal that was about 20 feet away, dolphins
and sperm whales spouting off in the distance.

We learned at the aquarium today that the whales are eating the billions of anchovies 
that are in our ocean area.

Which brought up the discussion of how my dad likes to eat pizza with anchovies on it.
I want to try it, but have never worked up the nerve!

 The beach is bliss for the kids. They can yell, scream, throw rocks (see above), 
tumble down dunes (see below), splash in the water and just be a kid.

 There's just something about trying to take a picture of two little ones
that makes me want to laugh.

 I realized the photo shoot session was over when Scoob just stood up and climbed down.
Hello Miss Mobile, Independent Babe!

 PB thought it would be a good idea to capture the boys.
Little Man is looking like he's about done with this picture taking.
 And we can't forget the girls.

 The other day I found PB organizing our faux flower collection.
(No, I don't actually collect them...but they have come in handy for crafts!)

 This wide grin makes my heart pitter patter.
 And this mature Little Man melts my heart.

They were my making toothpaste helpers!

 Afterwards the babies got a bath in the kitchen sink.
 And Scoob decided to eat an apple...
thankfully she gave up rather quickly.
Not sure her teeth can handle it.
 Need to entertain the toddlers, give them a lettuce spinner.
Warning: If you leave lettuce in it, most likely the lettuce will spin out.
 I love waking up next to this man.

 Sunrise this morning....gorgeous!

 The other night we met up with friends to play at a new (to us) park until sunset.
 It was a hit! The boys climbed and the girls had a tea party.
 Missy is teaching Scoob all about tea party etiquette.
Tea and wood chips....yum!
 We spotted huge waves and seals....always a must see situation!
 And had glow in the dark bath time tonight!
 Lots of fun!
 She hides too well without the flash!
 PB's DIY lantern.
 Little Man's orange "War Eagle" lantern.

And now we are all caught up!

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