Thursday, October 24, 2013

Blessings in my Life

 1. My husband who is great at explaining why we swell after hitting our head.

And for him keeping the kids contained 
so I can rest in the evenings and all night as I fight 
this mean old mono-like virus!

2. These kids who usually play well together so I can teach Polar Bean in the mornings.

 3. Seeing brussels sprouts exactly as they come from the land.
(even if they aren't our favorite vegetable...)

4. Seeing Scoob's hair fly in the air and catching Missy's yawns at the beach yesterday.

5. Having loud, active children because there will be a time when we have an empty nest.

6. This kid's imaginative mind.

7. These two cuddling with me

8. Homemade rosemary garlic bread

9. Going upstairs for the night and noticing the color-coordinated, organized piles of foam letters.

I see the beautiful colors together and my husband sees the organizational skills.

10. Polar Bean ensures all the clean silverware is with similar utensils before putting them away.

11. Curry with chickpeas

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  1. Mmmm, now I'm hungry! Men are a blessing when it comes to explanations!! I love having mine around, too! Thank you for linking in, dear friend!!