Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7+ Things I've Learned in August

1. Summer comes late out in California. 

And yes, I should not be complaining but to me it feels hot.

My body will have to re-acclimate to hot weather when we move overseas,
but for now I will enjoy this mild summer!

2. I was listening to a podcast by NPR (sorry, can't remember or find which it was) and they were studying color blindness and those with incredible vision. A particular kind of seahorse sees a very wide range of colors beyond any other creature known at this time. 

3. I learned how to whip shea butter and have found it keeps my daughter's scalp and hair moisturized better than just plain coconut oil. 

After her shower, I used three different kinds of combs
in her hair to get the knots out. 

Then I worked in the shea butter mixture 
and combed it a second time!

Added some ponies and twists....

And woolah! 

Happy, beautiful girl!


Grab these ingredients:

Unrefined Shea Butter
Sweet Almond Oil
Rose Essential Oil

Whip up about a cup of shea butter. 
I used my bosch mixer for a few minutes.

Add a small amount (1/4 C or so) of almond oil
and a few drops of essential oil. 

Whip until mixed thoroughly. 


Nice and thick but still spreadable!

4. I have learned and worked hard on running in the proper form, using my calves, running toe to heel.
It's not always perfect but it's been fun to see my progress.
It's also fun to feel calluses developing from running with thin shoes 
(which is purposefully done in order to develop my feet muscles).

5. I have found I run better when I listen to a podcast. I am such a multi-tasker
that I enjoy my runs if I am doing something also. Music doesn't keep
my mind active enough and I start to zone out. I have found listening to podcasts,
like by Wardeh at Gnowfglins is awesome!

6. The older I get the more I don't like shopping. 

7. I have learned how to cook sourdough crackers 
(yes it does have a tangy sourdough taste)
and it goes along great with hummus!


Sorry, I had to add a couple extra. 

8. I learned how to count to the number 20 in Arabic
and also learned there are a gazillon different ways to count.

My son can count faster than I can.

(Yippee for learning a new language as an adult.)

9. I learned how to get through my days more peacefully and collected.

Pray and laugh.







All the time. 

I remember being inspired after learning that a famous mother (Was it Mrs. Wesley?) who had many more kids than I do, would throw her apron over her head when she needed to pray.

Well I don't walk around with an apron (although maybe I should start doing that)
so I run to the nearest empty room and pray. 

My kids have now found it commonplace to come into my room 
and see me sprawled out on the bed, praying. 

While it is a bit funny, I hope the kids realize that "Every good and perfect gift comes from above."
And we must always be in communion with our Savior. 

10. While I don't always stay disciplined in this habit, I have found I can devote more concentrated attention to my kids or chores if my iphone is in another part of the house. 

It's also the reason the ringer is on very low. If I can't hear it, then I won't check it as frequently. It kinda drives my husband crazy, but thankfully he lets me do what I want with my phone. 

And lastly when I focus on my kids, I am aware of the blessings around us.

Like leaving Costco today and the kids wanted to jump onto the side of the wall.

And I noticed what a great background it made for impromptu pictures!

Little Man decided he wanted everyone to hold hands.



Little Man

Then they thought it would be fun to dance.

And so they tore that dance floor up

Outside of Costco

And that is one of 2,000,000,000,000,000,000 reasons why I love them. 

PS. I am adding this to a link party at Chatting at the Sky


  1. #9 is so true and good to be reminded constantly! And you have such cute kids! Thanks for sharing. I'm visiting from Chatting at the Sky.