Sunday, September 15, 2013

Snapshots from the last two weeks

 Missy's first dance class in CA!
 After the first class, we had to buy new tap and ballet shoes. 

Second time around, she was a lot more comfortable! 

One of our wildflowers bloomed!

 Yes, Scoob's toothbrush is double the length of her head. 

 She's proud of herself! And I think Aunt D is too!
 Scrub those pearlies!

 Scoob has a knack for crawling, climbing and perusing everything.
 My bedside crate is one.

 She finally got what she wanted.

 She's proud of her accomplishment!
 The night (or rather early morning) before C's test 
a smoke alarm went off in our house.

It was LOUD.
 And really high.
 And of course, there wasn't a button to turn it off.
 And no breakers either (it was wired to the house).
 So we called the fire department to confirm that it was just a dud.
 Incredibly the kids all slept through it, except,
when we saw the firetruck coming with lights (no sirens thankfully),
we woke the boys up.
 Little Man was quite happy to be woken up at 3:30am!
 But he wasn't so thrilled about Missy's comb that I stuck in his hair.
 I don't think he'll be sporting a hair pick in his hair do anytime soon.
 Scoob has also conquered the kitchen stepstool.
 Look at the chubs behind the knees!
 She now does dishes for me!
 Start them young, right?
 Hairy back....
 Great haircut! I even think Uncle K would approve!
 War Eagle!
 Both are sporting good colors.
 The grin that stretches.
 Missy use to wear this and now it's Scoob's turn.

 I couldn't get a still shot so this is the best that I could get.

 The girls matched at church today!
I love Missy's expression above!
 Missy and Scoob helping me in the kitchen.

 While the boys played uno, Missy helped make brinner. 
(Breakfast for dinner)

Missy asked to help and here she is shredding cheese for cheesy grits.


Blessings in my life:

A quiet 30 minutes with Scoob watching darkness fall, stars shine, planes take off, the breeze in the trees and singing softly with her in my arms.

Being humbled in order to remember Him


  1. Wow, look at those kids just growing!! You have such a climber ;-) Isn't that fun? I spose the landlord would not have enjoyed using a .22 to shut the fire alarm off?? ;-)

    1. Yeah...not sure they would. It is California.... And the owners live next door... :)