Wednesday, September 4, 2013

San Francisco Day Trip

We went to Golden Gate Park with Daddy this time!

Missy was brave and went climbing along with Little Man, PB, and Daddy.

The boys

Scoob had fun on the swing!

Good squat Scoob!

Little Man chewing an apple while he watched the big kids slide.

Daddy and the big kids going down the cement slide. 

They were sitting on cardboard.

Scoob was rather thrilled watching them. 

High-fiving the kids 

 The cheerleaders

Massive Bubble 

So cool to watch!

We got to watch lawn bowling.

A new sport for the kids and I. 

The big kids loved watching!

Scoob was more interested in thee water bottles. 

Little Man wanted to get out on the green. 

Happy daughter with Daddy!

Super Daddy

Near a GREAT ice cream shop, 
we found a little playground
with this tin tree.


Smitten Ice Cream was a fun spot. 

chocolate ice cream!

Maritime Museum 


Ship's mast

Through the clouds Golden Gate Bridge

The ship we tour

The kids always find a playground.

Family shot!

Scoob was a trooper!

Our girls

Windy Street...typical San Fran

Lombard Street

Short and sweet

We also tried this burger joint....

and besides these stickers, we don't recommend it.

We had a hiccup during the trip 
with some person who "borrowed" our credit card
to buy a $700 toupee.

Credit card cancelled. 

All in all a great trip!

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