Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday Photoshoot

I think this may become a habit when we have more than 5 minutes extra time before heading out to church. The kids like it, I like it and the extended family doesn't complain either.

 This munch, or spud as Aunt D calls her,
was fine with the headband that Daddy lovingly added.

Doesn't it seem that the youngest child in each family gets the most pictures?

 I just love this hairdo and headband combo!

 Animated sisters!

 It almost seems like they were trying to imitate each other.
 Then of course, Missy smiles beautifully and Scoob looks distant.

 Pb wanted his time with Scoob.

 Cheesy McCheeses

 Looking after littlest sister
 Trying to get her to smile and waving the bracelet in front of the camera.
 I am so glad these guys are brothers!
 They enrich my life so much!
 Wearing last year's Easter clothes and still looking just as handsome!

 Thank you Lord for boys!

 Trying to capture this little Scoob's hairstyle
but she is a little lady on a mission!

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