Friday, September 27, 2013

7 Things I've Learned in September

1. I don't have any time. All time is God's time.
 We had to call out roadside assistance a few days ago when 
metal stuck into our van tire.
 It threw a wrench in our day.
This is just one instance that helps me remember
that none of this is my time. God owns all time.
The next leap for me is to follow God's leading with how to use my time.

And sometimes it's not so difficult to figure out, like the tire issue.

2. My daughter shows her emotions and feels them much stronger than I ever have.
Now the goal is to help her recognize her emotions and behave in a Godly manner with them.
 3. I learned how to make real tsukemono. 
A classic fermented vegetable medley I use to eat in Japan.

4. This is more a realization or affirmation that the rumor is true.
Labor and delivery bonds people together.
Being present as every child was born (adopted or biological...duh I was there for those) I noticed how you get an attachment and understanding with those who are present at such an experience.
5. My son has acquired my habit of picking at any scab, callus or any other such nuisance.

6. Smitten has my favorite fresh chocolate ice cream yet.

7. I learned how to get free lunch on Saturdays. 
Go to Costco with a lot of cute kids.
Between 11am-2pm.

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  1. I love your insight on time and it not being ours but His. I am wanting to use that time as God would want me to also. Visiting from the What I Learned link-up : )