Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Scoob!

 I told the kids we were going to eat mud, dirt and worms.
 The boys were delighted.
 Missy was disgusted.


Then I asked for help in the kitchen and Missy quickly changed her opinion!

Flowers, candles and balloons made the house festive!

 While Missy and I ran out to pick up a friend to help celebrate, 
the boys and birthday girl decorated with balloons!

 Scoob also had her first haircut, thanks to Daddy!
 Don't worry O, he didn't cut any hair in the front!
 *Photo-bombing Polar Bean.
 Had to sneak in a kiss with this munch

 Scoob's not sure about the tuft of hair.
 Just the rattail was clipped.
 The back!

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  1. Y'all are looking good. Happy Birthday, Scoob! So glad that daddy is home to celebrate this with you!!