Monday, September 2, 2013

The kids

Caught! Scoob running around with her little big brother's underpants!

She loves to rearrange his clothing drawer!

We have Missy's boom box has become play central. She is always over practicing her DJ skills. It has kept her entertained for whole afternoons. I am so glad she is enjoying her music so much!

Polar Bean had some foot issue.

Here they are discussing the intricacies of warts, blisters and calluses. 

It is so neat to see Polar Bean mature and desire to know more.

It blesses my soul to see him spend time with his daddy.

At the park today Polar Bean somehow had a collision with a tree. (I guess it's the lighting, but doesn't it look like Polar Bean has some silver hair??)

Thankfully the scratch will heal just fine!

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