Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Out-dated, Uncle A & Outdoors We Go

  Paprika... and the expiration date of June 2009. 

Oh the joys of long term storage...I envision many occurrences of outdated items in the coming years. 

The kids have deemed this duck to be Uncle A. 

The last time they saw him he was graduating college so it's appropriate. 

We love you Uncle A!

Missy and Scoob have developed quite a relationship.

At this stage, it's usually one-sided and the other doesn't want to play. 

Scoob will climb on top of Missy as she's laying down reading books.
Or Missy will put on her Mama behavior and treat Scoob like her baby.

Scoob has been quite smiley lately. 
And we are just soaking it up!
Along with the sun!

Unlike Missy, who is thoughtful in what she wears and what she touches, 
Scoob is quite the opposite. 

Mud, sand, toilet bowl water, dead flies, it all is inspected and played with,
and many times taste-tested!

Uncle A has gone with us everywhere. 
Yesterday, as we were getting into the car, the kids asked if we could go to Uncle A's house. 

Unfortunately I had to say no. 

Uncle A is certainly worth the 5 day drive, but we just didn't have enough gas in the tank. 

On the drive back from the farmer's market, I glanced in my rearview mirror to see Polar Bean with long fingers.

They looked quite realistic from my view. 

Looks like long witch fingers.... 

Happy Wednesday!

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