Monday, August 12, 2013

Minimalist home?

Last night one of our fans that we use for white noise died so Scoob attempted to sleep without the comforting noise. Then this afternoon at naptime, I learned my favorite and heavily used fan in the kids room broke. We are down to one fan. Normally I would run to the nearest Target pronto and pick up a new one. 

But we're trying to be intentional with what we keep, replace, buy, give away, sell, etc. We are predicting many moves in the coming years (hopefully lots of them overseas). Several years back C and I read a book called Organized Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider

It was a fun, enjoyable book with helpful suggestions as we hone our family goals, future expectations and interests into a concise paragraph or two. The real curiosity is if our family life will actually fall into those precise paragraphs :) We attempted to make them broad enough to be fit our ever-changing life and will be tweaked as we mature.

So one way we can save a few pennies and learn to live a bit more minimal is to not replace the fans. I doubt we'll always have the opportunity to sleep with our much loved white noise fans. So we might as well get use to that now right? No use encouraging sleeping crutches right?

Today I was juggling a sleeping baby in the carseat, hanging onto a little man who seemed to determine to act like we were being chased by a crocodile and trying to contain the energy of Polar Bean and the daydreaming Missy. After we successfully completed a post office stop, I was walking out when a blessed older woman gently and kindly patted me on the back. Silently she transferred such love, grace and encouragement to me. It's so refreshing to have those moments with strangers! Children are a blessing! And there are still those who recognize those treasures.

Whether we sleep well tonight without our fans, the world still has some lovely people and I am thankful for them.

The olders painting.

Their masterpieces...

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