Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bows, parks & friends

I've learned my daughters have totally different kind of hair. Earth-shattering news aye?

A sweet friend directed me on how to fix white girl hair. And these new clips are a great addition! Bye bye bangs in the eyes!

We were at the park playing with friends yesterday and Scoob tried to tackle a kid double her weight. The moms broke it up before we could learn the victor.

Unfortunately Missy was stung by a bee. And today we're seeing the swelling effects. Thankfully after the sting wore off, she's oblivious to it.

One good distraction was playing with mama's scarf. 

She wore it for the rest of the afternoon.

And was a super big sister!

The girls cherish their moments together.

Scoob was determined to turn around and chat with Missy.

And she loved every minute of it!

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