Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blessings in my Life

 Missy who loves most foods and delights in eating slowly!

She devoured spoonfuls of almond butter for snack today. 

(I did give her apple slices too, she saved the almond butter to be finished as a finale!)

 Scoob who eats lunch like a champ and her little pink bow that just makes me grin!

Teething gel for the not-so-great moments. 

Flowers, either purchased or picked. 

 Dresses with pockets.

These toenails that we lovingly call daggars. 

It's a blessing to snip the toenails off this stinky foot. 

Running socks that have clearly been loved and appreciated.

More blessings:

Roast chicken for dinner

A husband who eagerly watches the kids so I can go on long runs

Snuggly babies after naptime

Pockets of time to sneak away and pray

Thankful for my courageous dad and his birthday!

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