Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reasons I love my husband

He lets us sleep on the floor on a futon. (And now prefers it)

He has helped me see the benefit of not using a flat sheet. (One less linen to wash, no more kicking it down under the comforter.)

He surprised me and made the bed two mornings ago. 

He doesn't complain even though I am snacking in bed right now (and I can be a messy eater especially with sourdough biscuits).

Even when he's super tired, he reads me to sleep.

If he hears Scoob on early Saturday mornings, he sneaks down and gets her before I wake up.

He likes our bedroom color scheme of navy, black and ivory even though most of the fashion world would shudder at putting black & navy together.

He was there and laughs with me about how I accidentally sprayed fabric foam glue onto our brand new dresser. (The mark is still there.)

He tells me to wake him up if I can't fall back to sleep in the middle of the night so he can hold me until I drift back to sleep.

He has 8 pillows and I have 2.

His side of the bed and his bedside crate is well organized. My side is full of toys, pamphlets, junk and random cords.

He has bad breath in the morning too so I don't feel so bad when mine is stinky too.

He lets me put my freezing toes on his warm legs.

He checks on our kids before heading to bed every night knowing I sleep better if he's checked on all of them individually.

He prays with me every night before we go to sleep.

And now... Goodnight!

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