Thursday, August 22, 2013

Pantry Playing, Garden Growing, Chocolate loving Life


While I was on the phone with a good friend 
(and yes I admit it) 
Scoob found her way into the pantry.
It's been her favorite place to play recently.

I glanced in there to see this!

Maybe she didn't have enough breakfast...

So she ate and ate and ate.

 Little Man came in and helped "clean" up too. 

We made some homemade peanut butter cups for Daddy.

And yep, I let the kids all have a lick of the chocolate. 

Our garden is growing.

Using our makeshift watering jug, Little Man 
watered our few potted plants. 

While I can't remember for sure what I planted,
I think after looking at it, it may be a tomato plant. 

We also have a garlic clove planted and it's sprouted. 

The kids also have planted mixed lettuce!

And here's Scoob taking steps all by herself!

We also had some really delicious hummus!

The kids gobbled it down!

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