Monday, August 12, 2013

Strawberry picking

We went strawberry picking yesterday.

Though I suppose I didn't give guidelines on what to do or not to do, the kids surprised me.

And instead of picking strawberries...

They played in the mud!

Even Missy found the mud to be inviting.

Little Man picked strawberries and found time to play with the mud. 

Somehow though he wasn't half as muddy as his older siblings.

The mud dried and the kids realized it wasn't so great after all.

But they were troopers about it and did the best they could getting it off. Missy doesn't look so happy does she? I was actually rather proud of her for not complaining about it!

Check out her shoes. Covered in mud. I hosed them off at home and threw them into the washer machine.

After removing the extra muddy clothes, the kids were content eating sandwiches in the car!

They listened to Oklahoma, Happy Holidays, Going Courtin' and other classic songs.

Notice how Scoob didn't get muddy! I carried her on my back so she was by far the cleanest out of everyone!

Lastly our bouquet of flowers have grown. Daddy and the kids gave me daisies so now I've got the happiest flowers on our dining room table!

Daisies are so simple and cheerful!

Blessings in my life:

Being humbled by my kids unexpected behavior, it's always good for a laugh and realigning my ideals :)

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