Sunday, August 11, 2013

Our weekend

Scoob enjoys rearranging everything in her reach.

And I like having her company. As Ojii would say, "it's a win-win."

Polar Bean grew a mustache faster than we could blink. He would definitely beat his daddy in a facial hair growth contest.

Missy found a hotdog sample at Costco. A enjoyed it thoroughly until it slipped out of her hands onto the floor. She had to learn the hard lesson of throwing away food when it touches dirty public floors.

Scoob teethed on a plastic spork and subsequently broke off the prongs. So mama quickly disposed of all plastic pieces.

Polar Bean picked the beautiful little blue flowers during a recent picnic. So our dining room table is flourishing with floral life.

Scoob was so tired after church that she fell asleep in my arms. With a pucker like that, I couldn't resist snapping a picture and holding her for a brief few moments.

It's been "rainy" here all weekend.

I would describe the rain more as heavy mist.

Our outdoor chairs accumulated the moisture from the past 2 days and it amounted to that small puddle. 

Scoob is on the move! So we bought a small gate (I am sure to much of the grandmothers' reliefs.) In order for the kids (ok, and short legged mama) to get past the gate without removing it, we use the step ladder.

See? It's a bit tricky, but the boys find it like an obstacle course and I think concoct reasons for climbing the hurdle every 2 minutes.

Another lovely reminder that I have boys in the home.

Glue sticks...stacked on top of the knives. Apparently it's a house. I love these little reminders! 

And this quote (or quotation according to my husband): 

"A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life." 

Mary Radolph Carter

"Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work."

John Trainer, M.D.

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