Friday, August 9, 2013

Mirror, Mirror, Map, Map

Some of you may know of the massive mirror that is in our kitchen.

Every minute I am in the kitchen, 
I glance up and see myself staring back.

While I am sure it cost a pretty penny,
I didn't like counting my silver hair so often,
or noticing the flour on my cheek after kneading dough.

While it was useful for having "eyes in the back of my head",
we had limited space to put up our world map.

So here it is, in the kitchen,  I learn geography while I wash dishes.

It's quite an educational kitchen.

We teach bread making,
 how to season a cast iron pan,
and of course, we locate a new country each day. 

Scoob was Miss Happy after nap this afternoon. 
She quickly located a postcard on Daddy's side of the bed 
and immediately began wrinkling it.

Take note of her dress. Do you see the red stains?
She fed herself watermelon at the park today!

And if I had the video camera on, we would have caught her 
stumbling her way to the bed
on her own two feet!

Check out those chubby behind the knees!

I am delighting in her baby fat.

And how grown up she looks!

I believe a few children who shall be nameless
most likely, probably, quite possibly, accidentally tore a hole in our pack 'n play.

Thankfully it's not a treasured baby item. 
Until we fix the damage, Scoob & Co. have had fun playing with it.

She yanks all the alphabet puzzle pieces out of the torn side.

So downstairs we learn geography,
upstairs we learn the alphabet!

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