Thursday, August 1, 2013

Farm Visit

So one of these days I'll put up a blog post starting with pictures from the beginning and closing with the end pictures. But...not to tonight! 

So here's the kids in the car as we're leaving the farm...

Miss Smiley Scoob

Mr. "Polar Bean Only Eats When He's Done Playing"

Miss Missy "Chose To Follow Big Brother's Non- Eating Footsteps"

I had to sneak another picture of Scoob because she was so happy! (And because Little Man was anti-paparazzi again)

There were raspberry bushes for visitors to go through and pluck the ripe fruit and consume!

So we did that most heartily!

There were red ones, white ones and orange raspberries! All delicious!

Scoobs picking out flower and pulling all the petals off. With her serious face on (actually due to the sun shining in her eyes), it reminded me of the stereotypical movie scene of "he loves, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me not..." as she pulls each petal off.

There was a kids garden with a big teepee for imaginative play.


Little Man even posed for me! 

Picking and eating the raspberries was the highlight of the trip for Little Man!

The farm also has a small cafe. So we ordered and then ate outside! 

If Scoob would have cooperated, it would have been a great photo-op, but it just didn't happen this time around.

Polar Bean 

Missy with her mouth full of berries.

This tree was huge and fun for the kids to explore!

D boy, thrilled to be going to the farm! 

Afterwards the kids all said, "lets take Daddy here!!!"

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