Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Sun Came Out

We were waiting in the car for a friend today.
When the sun came out.
So Scoob remembered her training from Moms 
and whipped out some sunscreen.

Unfortunately, she forgot, sunscreen is to be rubbed on the skin, 
not swallowed,
or used as a teething toy.

Little Man decided any lotion was better than no sunscreen.

We ate lunch outside.

And found Scoob crawling/stumbling/walking out 
from under the table with mud all over her knees.

I am encouraging her in this curiosity towards dirt and not being clean.

I doubt the next place we live will be sanitary so why try to shelter them here?

Polar Bean enjoyed some watermelon outside. 
Doesn't it look bigger than his head? 
Well it is.

Later on Scoob helped me fold clean clothes.
For whatever reason, she liked gathering all Little Man's underwear in my bedside crate.

Hey, as long as she's helping, right?

 We ate watermelon, teethed on sunscreen, got muddy and folded clothes, all with my kids.
Wouldn't trade this job for the world!

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