Thursday, August 1, 2013

A much beloved stuffed whale pillow

Uncle & Aunt J got Polar Bean this whale pillow from S. Korea. While it's prized by Polar Bean, all the kids have grown attached to the foamy creature.

It's so beloved that it keeps springing a foamy leak (stuffed with tiny foam balls). 

It's been on my desk for a good long while to be mended. Today was the perfect occasion! The kids danced around to one of Missy's birthday cds and I darned the blubbery whale.  

If you have children, you'll likely agree. If mama is doing anything interesting, little eyes, fingers & feet will be present. 

And so it was that the whale & I had company.

In the form of a two year old munchkin, Little man.

I was taught how to darn Little Man's sock monkey earlier this year by a dear friend. While my education was top-notch, my memory and skills are not.

Middling, Little man and I followed the seam and darned the whale as best as we could. I would place the needle in an Little Man would pull it out.

We were quite the team! I'm not sure how I would have done it without him.

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